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As most of your have probably heard, due to a design flaw in the new Museum Tower Condos in the Dallas Arts District, on a bright sunny day (which in Dallas is about 90% of the time) the amount of light reflected from the shiny new building into the Nasher Art center is apparently enough to do damage to anything in it's rays, especially the beautiful landscaping and vegetation. Which is not good. And everyone has been up in arms about this issue, with art activists attacking developers and saying they knew this would happen and forged ahead with the design anyway, while the developer has steadfastly held to their claim that it truly was an honest mistake that was overlooked. well, now it seems like things may finally be coming to a conclusion. We received…

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Phoenix. Las Vegas. Dallas? All of these cities have over the last few years seen a HUGE slew of investors and prospectors hoping to cash in on the perfect storm. Large amounts of affordable homes available for sale and high rental rates. But with investment bubbles all over the country bursting, how is it that Dallas still seems to be going strong? And are there any good deals left for property investors?

You might have read recently on our other blog that Billionaire B. Wayne Hughes, founder of Public Storage, purchased 200 investment properties in Dallas with the hopes of turning them into rental homes, and eventually selling them at a profit. In fact, his advisors as of March 2013 still believe that Dallas homes are undervalued by about 20-30%. But…

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Ahh Dallas. The jewel in the ten-gallon hat that is Texas. Big open spaces, big dreams and big hair. But is it right for you, and if it is, do you rent or buy a home when moving here? This can often be a divisive issue for newcomers relocating to Dallas, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the area and the neighborhoods. One the one hand you don't want to rush into a home purchase that may turn out to be a bad decision, but on the other, neither do you want to have to move twice, especially if you have children entering the school system. So what do you do? Flip a coin?

Definitely not. According to Christian Adams, Relocation and Marketing Director with Dallas Luxury Realty, "Every situation is obviously unique, but being stuck in a new home…

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DEAL OF THE DAY: Great opportunity to rent a BRAND NEW one bedroom apartment in Uptown Dallas' hottest new area. Gorgeous interior finishes with wood floors, granite counters, luxury bathroom upgrades, spacious living areas and large walk-in closets. Walking distance to the new Kroger and plenty of restaurants and nightlife. One bedrooms starting at $1198 this week with $500 off your first month. Call Dallas Luxury Realty today at 214.754.7040 to take advantage of this great special!


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Although the index is still down 29% from the peak reached in June 2006, according to the closely-followed S&P/Case-Schiller Index home prices have seen the largest jump in over two years since May 2010 - and this increase was not spurred by an artifical incentive like the previous teax-incentive. One of the major instigators has been the return in confidence in the construction of new homes in Dallas and other major cities, the large drop in unemployment, record mortgage lows and also a dip in foreclosures.To find out more, click here.
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The Avant apartments, the Dallas Design District's newest construction project, are now open for tours, and are currently pre-leasing for 2013. Call (214) 754 7040 for updated pricing/availability!



AVANT is the newest community with Alliance Residential and the community will feature top-notch amenities and finish outs. The apartments feature gorgeous stainless steel appliances, grey-toned cabinetry, and sparkling granite counter tops. The first floor offers polished concrete flooring in all rooms, including the bedroom. The 2nd to the 4th floor will have wood flooring in the kitchen and living area with carpet in the bedroom. Washer and dryer connections are standard in all of the apartment homes or you can rent a full set for $50.00/mo with the…

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Record Low Interest Rates Driving Home Sales in Highland Park, Texas

The most prestigious housing market in Texas has turned red hot. The upscale Highland Park, Texas community is attracting buyers from all over the world to the ultimate luxury community in Texas. Located conveniently near downtown Dallas, it is the preferred address in the Dallas area that’s more affordable than ever.

Million dollar villas line the streets of this Beverly Hills style-area of Dallas. Upscale shopping, great restaurants, tree lined streets and some of the best schools in the entire state are just some of the benefits of Highland Park, Texas.

Along with the villa style homes, a number of homes priced around $400,000 to $600,000 are attracting over taxed buyers from…

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Not talking about food here, we're talking flooring. The kitchen floor sees a tremendous amount of wear and tear, but if you're thinking about redoing your kitchen floor before your put your home on the market, or you're in the market for a home and you're wondering what to look for, there are several things to consider.

Kitchen with linoleum floorsThe primary factor to think about when you're talking about kitchen floors is traffic/usage. Who is in your home and what kind of wear and tear are you expecting? If you rarely cook, hardwood is a beautiful choice for a kitchen. Cork can also be a great addition, with its sound and heat insulating properties and its ability to cushion your feet while you cook. Tile is durable, timeless, and can be very cost effective. Linoleum is a…

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The Top Five Most Amazing Luxury Homes in Dallas

If you're in the market for Dallas luxury real estate, you've likely been sifting through listings to look at the most incredible properties currently listed for sale in the area. We've compiled our favourite luxury listings in Dallas below with lists of the features we think are most incredible. Have a look at these unbelievable dream homes for yourself!

  1. 10245 Strait Lane, Dallas, TX; MLS# 11624279 Listed at 11.5 million, this gorgeous brand-new custom-built home offers comfort and luxury in a private setting. As Dallas residents know, a Strait Lane address is one of the most coveted of them all and this residence of 14,000+ square feet will not disappoint. Be charmed by the old-world style of 10245…
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No, that's not a typo; the invasive Rasberry Crazy Ant was named in part after Tom Rasberry, the exterminator who discovered it. This awful little insect has been causing all kinds of problems for Houston-area homeowners, the second part of its naming inspired by its unpredictable staggering movements. At just 1/8 of an inch and covered in tiny red/brown hairs, the Rasberry Crazy Ant doesn't look like much. However, its penchant for chewing through electrical wiring, killing chickens by crawling through their nostrils and asphyxiating them, irritating cattle in their eyes/hoofs/and mouth areas, and biting innocent human bystanders is really making Houston-area homeowners mad.

Rasberry Crazy Ants can be very difficult to kill because there are so many of…

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