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Have 15 friends who enjoy a drink and need to be somewhere? Dallas is ready to roll.

After sorting out delays with route planning and permits, the Dallas Buzz Bike starts pedaling this week. The 16-seat, pedal-powered, mobile pub has received the green light from the city and they are having a launch party tonight to celebrate.

Available in Forth Worth and Houston already, the bike is outfitted with six-barstool seats on each side, with pedals underneath. There's also a bench for several people in the back and then one person can stand inside the "bar" in the middle of the bike. Buzz Bikes provides the driver.

The Buzz Bike is BYOB - beer and wine only, no hard liquor. There are a few other rules and some waivers to sign, things that deal with…

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We already LOVE Uber, so we're thrilled to announce that getting safely back to your perfect home in Dallas just got 6 percent cheaper thanks to a current reduction in fares by luxury car service Uber, which operates in and around the central Dallas, Uptown, Downtown and Highland Park area. CLICK HERE to find out more about the reduced fares and how to take advantage of the current special!

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2013 was a big year for the luxury home market in Dallas-Fort Worth. Million dollar and higher home sales saw a big jump, with a 22 percent increase year-over-year and the demand is expected to continue - and even rise this year.

Each of the top four metro markets in Texas saw year-over-year increases - most of them quite dramatic - in the million-dollar market.

Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 3 on that list at a 22 percent increase in luxury home sales. Austin saw an increase of 55 percent in luxury homes sales in 2013, followed by Houston at 46 percent and San Antonio at 18 percent, according to the association's report.

The rise in demand for luxury homes reflects the state's growing economy and increasing population, according to the Texas…

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Analysts knew there was a demand for Dallas-Fort Worth apartments; but they didn’t think it was this hot.

3,074 new apartments were built last quarter in North Texas. The apartment sector is currently outperforming expectations, with examples directed towards home sales back in 2007. Last year, Dallas-Fort Worth led the rest of the country with a demand of 16,647 apartments, which is nearly 2,000 apartment units above Houston, which came in second.

The region also added more apartments than any other metro in the country with 12,977 new homes added to the market, which is about 3,000 more than Washington, D.C., which came in second, according to the data.

There are a number of new developments slated to take shape in 2014, many in newly designed…

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