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Now that Cupid has traded arrows for swipes, finding love/like/tolerate-for-a-free-dinner has never been...easier? Maybe you have seen these (or secretly are one of them) types of people on Tinder in DFW. 

The Pet Person
Has a photo of either their pet, or them with their pet in their profile, and may, or may not refer to said pet as their child. There will be jokes about how any potential match has to pass the "Duke/Lola/Nolan/Bailey" test before things actually happen. Perpetually covered in pet hair, and can't wait to show you photos of the pet in a costume.

The Soundcloud Artist
"Hi! I'm not really looking for a date right now, but I thought you seemed cool, want to take a listen to my music? You might really like it, here's a link, and if you…

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