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Not everything is bigger in Texas, but the employment gains certainly are! Between April 2011 and April 2012, Dallas employment rose 1.8%, making it the second biggest employment leap in the United States and well above the 1.3% national average. This is great news for real estate.

The only region to do better than Dallas was our very own Houston at 3.1%, giving Texas metropolitan areas the number one and number two spots for employment gain in the entire country. This is promising and suggests that what we've been feeling is true: things are getting better.

As you've probably guessed, employment rates have a direct effect on the real estate market of any region. There are the obvious reasons, like employment leading to income surplus, which leads to…

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For years the Dallas area has bee criss-crossed by tollways, and recent road construction costs indicate that there will probably be even more to come. Who would have thought that little old Highway 121 would eventually become a major Dallas tollway? Though normally built for vehicle traffic, downtown Dallas once contained the nation’s shortest toll turnpike… for pedestrians.

What is now a haven of luxury lofts and condos in downtown Dallas, there once used to be a busy cut-through at the corenr of Elm and Pacific Streets, where a small parking lot became a popular shortcut for pedestrians walking to various downtown shops, restaurants and office buildings. After dealing with12 years of human congestion, and foot traffic so bad that it prevented cars…

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If there were one phrase that could define the Uptown Dallas real estate market, it would be "live, work, play". Indeed, that happens to be the community's tag line. This dynamic part of Dallas boasts a variety of residential and commercial spaces to suit young professionals, business people, entrepreneurs, or just anyone who wants to be close to the action.

Residential buyers will love how easy it is to get around this neighborhood. A walkable urban plan, mixed with dense retail, dining, and recreational outlets, makes Uptown a really exciting place to be. The nightlife scene is hopping, with upscale winebars and 100+ fabulous restaurants to choose from. Uptown is a shopper's paradise too, with countless boutiques and high-end shops to choose from.…

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If you're in the market for a home, or you're fixing up yours to sell, chances are pretty good you'd like to know what "that sticky-outy bit" or "that thing with the holes" or "those parts that go down" are called. We've put together a list of the commonly sought-after (and often misnamed) parts of a house, so your REALTOR® doesn't have to dust off Ye Olde Book of Architecture just to understand what you're trying to say.

  • Stair stringer. Also known as stringer board or just string, this is the portion of the staircase that runs the length of the side of the stairs. Technically, there are two stringers, one on either side, but if the staircase is against a wall, you'll typically only see one stringer. The riser of the stair is the vertical part you…
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