Are you an Average Agent or a Top Producer?


The average Realtor closes 6.5 transactions per year. 
Our average agent closes more than 5 times that.

Almost 50% of Realtors make under $35,000 per year. 
Our average agent bills more than double that.

The average Realtor makes under $15,000 in their first year. 
Some of our brand new agents bill over $100,000 in their first year.

The average income for a Realtor with 16 years or more of experience is $70,000.
That's the average amount billed by agents with our firm in their first year.

The average home sale price in Texas is $176,000. 
The average price of homes listed by our agents last year was $610,000.


How is this possible?

Quality leads, excellent support, and access to a simple business plan that actually works.

Why work twice as hard for less money? Our agents only work with higher-end buyers, sellers and renters throughout Texas. 

If you're tired of being an Average Agent and want to become a Top Producer in your market, please get in touch. We're looking for a few good agents to join our growing team, where you will receive:

  • Unparalleled training
  • A constant source of leads and clients
  • The reputation of the HIGHEST-rated real estate firm in Dallas (check us out on Google and Yelp!)
  • Two brokers available at all times for advice
  • Over 200 marketing pieces customized just for you
  • Your own personal website
  • FREE business cards
  • Phone time
  • Office space
  • FREE E&O insurance

The list goes on. All the owners here at Dallas Luxury Realty worked as agents in the field for years before we created this firm. We looked at the daily frustrations and barriers that existed at other brokerages we worked for, and then designed a company and a system that eliminated them while creating the perfect environment for our agents to succeed.

Unlike most companies, we don't hire every agent who applies, and then charge them exorbitant office fees every month just to make a profit. That's not our business model - but it is for most Real Estate brokerages in the Dallas area. At Dallas Luxury Realty, if our agents aren't making money, we're not making money. It's that simple. Our agents are knowledgeable, gifted, pleasant, intelligent and above all, are driven by the desire to HELP OTHERS. If you think you'd fit in with our team of Dallas Realtors - please fill out the simple form above and we'll setup a time to talk.