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Tiny, small, and micro are not terms people usually use with pride to describe their homes. In the Lone Star state, especially, we're not used to complimenting people on how miniscule their dwellings are. However, the tiny house movement, as it's affectionately known, is gaining momentum in our large-and-in-charge state.

A "tiny house" is usually defined as a home that is under 900 square feet. These dwellings come in all shapes and sizes, from charming Victorian-style cottages, to rustic mini-ranchers, to sleek and modern cube homes. Popular among the DIY set, tiny homes are almost always owner-built and, thus, allow for flexibility and personalization of design.Tiny Dallas House

You may be wondering what kind of person lives in a tiny house. The answer to that…

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Home staging has long been considered a fad or something available only to those who could afford it. Many home sellers believed it to be little more than an expensive and unnecessary perk. Oh, how times have changed.

Recently, home staging has become a necessity when it comes to selling your home quickly and for top dollar. It is now so common that it's almost expected. In fact, not staging your home could put you at a serious disadvantage when trying to sell. But you don't need to shell out the money for a professional staging service to get results that will make potential buyers sit up and take notice. It's possible to stage your own home by following a few simple rules that will instantly transform your house into everyone's first choice.

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We all know that painting a home or stepping up the landscaping can make a big change in a home's curb appeal, but what about those homes with unique interior details that look bland and boring from the outside no matter what kind of superficial changes are made? Homes borne of the tract housing eras of the late '40s, the '70s and the '90s each have their own difficulties to contend with. If your budget can be stretched a little further than average, you may want to consider making an impactful change on your new home.

Dallas HomeThe late '40s and early '50s brought the boxy houses we have come to know as ranchers. Oftentimes, these little homes can appear abrupt and homely because there is nowhere for the eye to transition from the facade to the lawn. Extending…

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