Downtown Dallas apartments for rent

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Despite a slight decline in occupancy during the 80s and 90s, downtown Dallas has now rebounded with a BOOM, and is one of fastest-growing areas of Dallas. It offers a TRUE city feel, with largely pedestrian areas, multiple train stations, a mix of historic and modern high-rises, and some real character that may be missing from other areas of the city. Residents of large cities (think NYC/DC/Chicago) may feel more at home here than other "urban" neighborhoods, as you really do feel like you're in a big metropolitan area, and there is no suburbia in site. Apartments in Downtown Dallas are prolific, and most of the structures are currently positioned as mixed-use apartment buildings. There is a lot of choice, from converted downtown lofts, to brand new, sleek, modern, steel and glass landmark high-rises. Occupancy is high-however in this desirable area, and rental rates, while not as expensive as those of Uptown Dallas apartments, are still higher than some people expect.;