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The Top Five Most Amazing Luxury Homes in Dallas

If you're in the market for Dallas luxury real estate, you've likely been sifting through listings to look at the most incredible properties currently listed for sale in the area. We've compiled our favourite luxury listings in Dallas below with lists of the features we think are most incredible. Have a look at these unbelievable dream homes for yourself!

  1. 10245 Strait Lane, Dallas, TX; MLS# 11624279 Listed at 11.5 million, this gorgeous brand-new custom-built home offers comfort and luxury in a private setting. As Dallas residents know, a Strait Lane address is one of the most coveted of them all and this residence of 14,000+ square feet will not disappoint. Be charmed by the old-world style of 10245…
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No, that's not a typo; the invasive Rasberry Crazy Ant was named in part after Tom Rasberry, the exterminator who discovered it. This awful little insect has been causing all kinds of problems for Houston-area homeowners, the second part of its naming inspired by its unpredictable staggering movements. At just 1/8 of an inch and covered in tiny red/brown hairs, the Rasberry Crazy Ant doesn't look like much. However, its penchant for chewing through electrical wiring, killing chickens by crawling through their nostrils and asphyxiating them, irritating cattle in their eyes/hoofs/and mouth areas, and biting innocent human bystanders is really making Houston-area homeowners mad.

Rasberry Crazy Ants can be very difficult to kill because there are so many of…

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A Highland Park, Dallas address is one of the most coveted in the entire city. Read on to find out what makes this area so popular among homebuyers.

  1. Community Involvement

    Owners of Highland Park homes are actively involved in their community, making this area a very pleasant one in which to live. Service groups, such as Rotary, are very active here, organizing blood drives and other similar events. Charities, schools, and faith organizations also organize community events to raise awareness and funds for local causes. Because of the tight-knit nature of this community, these events are well-attended and fun!

  2. Schools

    The Highland Park Independent School District is commonly known as the best public school system in Dallas-Fort Worth.…

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