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If you have multiple rental properties in Dallas, managing them can quickly get overwhelming. While managing multiple rental properties yourself is possible, there usually comes a time when it makes more sense financially to hire a local property management company. We will go over both options below. 

How Do I Manage My Rental Properties?

Managing rental properties is a detail-oriented job. First, you need to take care to list and advertise each rental property in order to find and properly screen qualified, responsible tenants who you believe are a good fit for your rental. Then, you have them sign your rental agreement before moving in. After that is usually where issues arise. 

From routine maintenance to emergency calls, as well as…

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For a property owner, there’s nothing sadder than looking at a vacant unit. Other than looking at multiple empty units, that is. 

Empty units means money down the drain, so it’s essential to continually find new tenants to replace the ones leaving, but that’s easier said than done. Let’s break down the best methods to market your property and keep your rentals filled.

If you are wondering how to attract tenants to your rental property and just as important, how to find good tenants, there is a wide range of marketing strategies to fill those vacancies.

The most effective method for finding qualified renters is to broaden to include a wide range of resources.

In the current digital age, the use of online listing resources is a must, but…

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