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How to Take Better Real Estate Photos

Real estate photos are one of the most important tools for generating interest in your home. Home sales begin on the web and research has shown that the more pictures that accompany your listing, the more viewings your property will get. Think of it like a job interview: would you show up with uncombed hair, rumpled clothes and nothing interesting to say? No, of course you wouldn't, you'd do your best to show yourself in your best light. Likewise, you shouldn't take a lackadaisical approach to real estate photos. As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Below are a few things you can do to ensure that you take the best photos possible when listing your home:

  • Use a Wide Lens, But…

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As most of your have probably heard, due to a design flaw in the new Museum Tower Condos in the Dallas Arts District, on a bright sunny day (which in Dallas is about 90% of the time) the amount of light reflected from the shiny new building into the Nasher Art center is apparently enough to do damage to anything in it's rays, especially the beautiful landscaping and vegetation. Which is not good. And everyone has been up in arms about this issue, with art activists attacking developers and saying they knew this would happen and forged ahead with the design anyway, while the developer has steadfastly held to their claim that it truly was an honest mistake that was overlooked. well, now it seems like things may finally be coming to a conclusion. We received…

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