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We all know that painting a home or stepping up the landscaping can make a big change in a home's curb appeal, but what about those homes with unique interior details that look bland and boring from the outside no matter what kind of superficial changes are made? Homes borne of the tract housing eras of the late '40s, the '70s and the '90s each have their own difficulties to contend with. If your budget can be stretched a little further than average, you may want to consider making an impactful change on your new home.

Dallas HomeThe late '40s and early '50s brought the boxy houses we have come to know as ranchers. Oftentimes, these little homes can appear abrupt and homely because there is nowhere for the eye to transition from the facade to the lawn. Extending…

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A character home is one that has been around for over 50 years. Heritage homes are character homes with significant historical meaning and are recognized by the presiding jurisdiction. Often, cities will contribute funding to the homeowner(s) for the upkeep of the home. The terms "heritage", "historical", and "character" are generally used in the same way by most people, regardless of whether or not the house in question has been recognized.

Character homes are popular because they're attractive and their architecture will never go out of style, but there are many other reasons to invest (or not invest) in a heritage home. Below you'll find some of the positive and negative aspects of these properties.

  • Pro: Walkability. The center of a city is…
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Slowly but surely, wabi sabi has been creeping into interior design, which is fitting for this go-with-the-flow eastern design philosophy. For several years now, wabi sabi has been gaining traction on and over similar philosophies, most notably the shabby chic esthetic. Wabi sabi emphasizes utilitarian furniture and accessories, elminating, or at least cutting down on, the clutter and unnecessary knick-knacks so prevalent in previous design philosophies. At the core of this esthetic is simplicity, humility and natural materials. Unlike flouncy shabby chic, there are no frills or gimmicks here.

Texture is an important part of wabi sabi. You'll see quite a bit of rough-hewn and wind-worn wood as well as texturized hand-spun ceramics and cast iron in the…

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A condominium is a great investment choice for a variety of reasons: condos are less labour-intensive and, generally, less costly than single-family homes to maintain, they're often within walking distance to amenities, pose fewer mobility issues for seniors or people with young children, can be safer and friendlier, and they're often loaded with community amenities like a pool, party room, and/or fitness space. Depending on whether the community allows it, a condo can also be rented out for additional income. With all these benefits, of course, there are some pitfalls to condo-ownership. Below, you'll find some tips and tricks for ensuring your first condo-buying experience is a great one.

Do the Dues

On top of your mortgage, you can expect to pay…

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If you're planning on building a new home somewhere in the great state of Texas, chances are pretty good you've considered the effects of weather on the building materials you plan to use. You might have even looked into the many new and innovative materials on the market designed to save on labour costs, time, and/or money. Some of them are eco-friendly, a few save on maintenance, while others are just plain beautiful to look at. If you need some help with finding the newest and best technologies for your house, or time-tested materials that are coming back into vogue, have a look at our list below. You're sure to find something to make your newly-constructed Texas home stand out!

  1. Copper roofing has recently experience a rebirth in new homes. It has…
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It often happens that you move into a house and you want to change something to make it your own. Maybe you're renovating or, perhaps you're building from the ground up and you want to do something to make your new abode truly unique. It could be that you're just plain tired with your home's decor and you need to change something. If you're stuck for ideas, try out one of the suggestions below to breathe some new life into your space.

  • Bedroom
    Consider adding some romance in the bedroom with a chandelier or candelabra. Hung over the bed or between two chairs in a reading nook, a chandelier can divide the zones in your room. If you choose to use candles for your chandelier, you can even move it around the room or into a different space altogether if…

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Thinking about what a Dallas luxury home is can be tricky business. Beyond assigning arbitrary price ranges, how do we decide what luxury really is? To answer that, let's look at a few different qualities we find in the most beautiful luxury homes.

A common thread that ties all Dallas luxury real estate together is that it makes a statement. In many cases, this is immediately obvious from the sheer size of the home. You know a dwelling is luxurious when it can comfortably sleep your friends and family, with room for more! As we all know, however, size isn't everything. One of the newest trends in luxury homes is the "jewel box" home. In Texas, where everything is big, this is still a somewhat foreign concept, but it is gaining traction in more urban…

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Let's face the facts: there are many ugly homes on the market that seem beyond salvation. You know the ones: Brady Bunch-era split-levels with dark hallways, cramped kitchens, and no curb appeal whatsoever. Some might say the suburban mid-nineties bungalow is even less appealing, with its pastel-coloured stucco siding, hastily (and sometimes carelessly) constructed interior, and complete lack of character. However, as painful as it might be for some to hear this, there are often redeeming qualities deep down in the properties that are oftentimes automatically relegated to the "no" pile because of their exteriors.

Location, of course, is often the major deciding factor in many home purchases. A property that may not be everything a buyer wants, when in…

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