Managing Multiple Rental Properties in Dallas

Posted by on Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 at 1:54pm.

If you have multiple rental properties in Dallas, managing them can quickly get overwhelming. While managing multiple rental properties yourself is possible, there usually comes a time when it makes more sense financially to hire a local property management company. We will go over both options below. 

How Do I Manage My Rental Properties?

Managing rental properties is a detail-oriented job. First, you need to take care to list and advertise each rental property in order to find and properly screen qualified, responsible tenants who you believe are a good fit for your rental. Then, you have them sign your rental agreement before moving in. After that is usually where issues arise. 

From routine maintenance to emergency calls, as well as handling complaints in multi-family buildings, you need to be available virtually around the clock.

You need to stay on top of current local, state, and federal laws regarding rental properties, and if there is a reason to evict, you have to stay on top of the eviction process, which can take a month or more. After you have multiple rental properties in your portfolio, it may be a good decision financially to look into hiring property managers in Dallas, so that you are free to expand your business and have time to create additional revenue streams. 

Should I Hire a Dallas Property Management Company?

Managing just one rental property can be a full-time job in and of itself, but multiple rental properties is often more than one person can reasonably handle. Whether or not you should hire a Dallas property management company is largely determined by the number of rental properties you own, how much time you spend managing those properties, and whether your time would be better spent on making more investments, rather than hands-on management tasks. 

You may dread the day-to-day management tasks associated with rental properties. Keeping up-to-date on maintenance, accounting, and collections can be a difficult task on its own without even mentioning tenant complaints or issues, or getting called out for an emergency. If you want to make your rental properties a more passive source of income, hiring a Dallas property management company is the solution. 

When choosing a Dallas property management company, you will want to look into their reputation both with their clients, as well as the renters who deal with them on an at least monthly basis. You don’t want to tarnish your reputation by hiring a company that is unprofessional or difficult to work with. 

Property Managers in Dallas

Dallas Luxury Realty specializes in managing high-end apartments, homes, and condominiums in and around the Dallas, Texas area. The glowing reviews from our clients are a reflection of our work ethic and values. We can assist you with every step of the process, from helping you locate, purchase, and invest in profitable real estate, to performing all-encompassing property management tasks. This includes everything from marketing and leasing to maintenance, accounting, inspections, collecting rent, performing any necessary evictions, and even keeping you compliant with the law. 

We allow you to maintain a steady stream of income while freeing up your time to continue to make investments or grow your business in other ways. Because we target higher-end properties and screen potential renters extensively, we tend to attract tenants that don’t come with the problems you may see in less expensive properties. 

Dallas Luxury Realty has over 15 years of experience managing an $800 million portfolio of properties stretching all across the Dallas area. 

Call Dallas Luxury Realty Today!

Dallas Luxury Realty is so confident in our services, we are offering our first month FREE to new clients. We know that you will love being able to generate passive income while remaining confident that your properties are being taken care of, and have high-quality tenants. If you buy your investment property through our experienced team of realtors, we will waive our leasing commission for an entire YEAR. Call Dallas Luxury Realty today!



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