4 Reasons You Need a Property Manager to Rent Out Your House

Posted by on Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 at 12:49pm.

Renting out a house can be a solid investment with long-term benefits. Unfortunately, most property owners don’t consider the massive responsibilities that come along with renting out a house. Houses alone have a long list of chores to keep up with, and constantly handling tenants and vacancies just make the task more difficult.

 Property management companies, like Dallas Luxury Realty, can completely change how you handle your rental house and make the investment feel worth it again.

Here are 4 important reasons you should consider a property management company to rent your house:

1. We Take Care of Constant House Repairs

If you own a house, you know just how much work goes into it compared to an apartment. The front, back, or side yard alone takes constant maintenance, not including larger projects after a drought or freeze.  Plus, it can be a hassle to handle the upkeep of air conditioners and filters, sink disposals, new floors, lights, outlets and more-- and you’ll likely never know if any of these have problems until they need immediate repairs.

 With a property manager, however, the frantic calls of a clogged toilet are taken care of without waking you up in the middle of the night. Plus, since management companies work with multiple properties, we have the resources to employ our personal repair staff-- meaning that your tenants won’t have to wait a week for a plumber to show up.

2. Shorter Vacancies Means Higher Profit 

The single highest cost in renting a home is having it sit empty. If you have to wait for months between tenants, your profits are wasted on marketing the vacancy and maintaining an empty house.

 A huge benefit of a property management company is that we know how to market in a big city like Dallas, TX. With our available channels, we can market, advertise, and fill vacancies in a much shorter span-- ensuring that your house is making a profit rather than losing it.

3. We Understand The Real Estate Market 

If the real estate market were easy to predict, everyone would be buying, selling, and flipping houses. The fact of the matter is that it takes years of experience to even begin to understand, especially if you’re trying to do it alone.

 We have a team of real estate experts with decades of combined experience, meaning that we always have our fingers on the pulse of the Dallas housing market. It’s impossible to know the future, but we do know when and how to adjust to meet demand. Whether it’s a new marketing tactic, touting the snazzy new restaurant a few blocks away, or changing rent to maximize profits, you can trust that Dallas Luxury Realty has the experience to keep the profit rolling in.

4. You Won't Have to Deal With It 

What is a property management company responsible? The short answer is that we take care of pretty much everything you don’t want to handle.

 At first, most property owners tend to focus on the investment of renting a property, how much revenue it will accrue, the benefits of passive income, and so on. What they may not think about are the administrative tasks like site inspections, home tours, background checks, collecting rent, routine maintenance, insurance, advertising, and much more.

 We all know that time is money. By hiring a local property management company that knows Dallas well, you could save countless hours and ultimately end up with much more income on your hands. Some owners may try to handle it all on their own to save a few bucks, but a flat fee starting at $75 per month is well worth getting your life back.

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Still not convinced? Read more about how we handle property management in Dallas or search through our other rentals to see what kind of properties we’re already managing.

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