Ready to apply for a property? Great! Please carefully read our rental criteria below, the click the link at the bottom that says APPLY NOW!

Applicants are considered holistically and ultimately discretion lies with the broker, property manager and/or property owner in deciding whether or not to accept the application. In general, our basic requirements for tenants are as follow:


  • A minimum of 2 years of verifiable, clean rental history

  • A Credit Evaluation of “Minimal Credit Risk” as indicated by our screening software.

    • Credit Evaluations outside of this rating may still be considered, if all other aspects of application evaluation return without issue. Additional deposit amounts may be required.

  • Verifiable gross monthly income equal to or greater than three times the monthly rent.

    • Other evidence of financial responsibility may be accepted but will be evaluated on a case by case basis; this should be considered the exception, not the rule.

  • No Felonies, misdemeanors involving violence, or misdemeanors involving questionable ethical behavior.

    • Applicant may be required to provide evidence of successful completion of any court ordered programs that dismissed any of the aforementioned convictions.

  • No Evictions, or outstanding judgments from previous landlords