The Run Down on Dallas Real Estate by Neighborhood

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While many incredible options exist for housing in Texas, many consider the city of Dallas to be without equal in the region. Such is the prestige that luxury real estate can provide in some of the best neighborhoods in this great state.

 As the unrivaled financial epicenter for the state, Dallas comprises a large population with countless opportunities for work, education, and leisure. Culturally and economically, one would be hard-pressed to find an area that comes close, even in such an impressively expansive and deeply developed state such as Texas.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that so many people want to move here, to relocate to this great city. Homes for rent in Dallas are wide-ranging, offering just about anything and everything. The same holds true as far as homes for sale in Dallas goes as well.

Whether you’re in the market for traditional or modern or something in between, the best neighborhoods in Dallas have something for you. Follow along below as we go through the 5 best neighborhoods for real estate in Dallas.

1. Uptown Dallas

This area has evolved over the past few years to offer a wide range of stores, businesses, and apartments, as well as hospitality and nightlife. Situated roughly one mile from the center of the city, Uptown Dallas homes for sale provide a unique complement to what many consider the standard suburban development. The homes for rent here also include townhouses, which have become favored by millennials due to the ease and convenience of pedestrian and/or biking life in the area. 

2. Highland Park

If you’re on the hunt for true elegance and a luxury lifestyle, look no further than Highland Park for a new house or condo. Homes for sale in this neighborhood are unrivaled for their beauty, sophistication, and classic sense of style and appeal. The effect is that many families stay here for generations, and the houses only seem to grow in value with the passage of time.

3. Preston Hollow

 Drive just five short miles to the north, and you'll land in the quaint town of Preston Hollow. Nothing quite expresses the dreamy image of traditional American homes like a street running from end to end with beautiful oak trees, and that’s exactly what resides here. Idyllic and peaceful, the Dallas homes for rent in Preston Hollow offer both the ease of commuting into the city proper as well as the convenience and comforts of being removed from the hustle and bustle.

4. Lakewood

 In line with its predecessors on this list, Lakewood is the very essence of Dallas luxury real estate. These homes strike many as more than mere houses, reaching to the level of the estate. Opulence is welcome here, with wine cellars and media rooms something of a commonplace in this area. To top it all off, Lakewood homes for sale often come with pools as well, which can be enjoyed in the heat of summer or even heated for that occasional dip in spring or fall.

5. M Streets

Located just north of Dallas proper, the M Streets area of the city is composed of both new construction and older heirloom homes that makes it a perfect spot for just about everybody, from single millennials to couples with small children. Not only does it offer an easy pedestrian life with restaurants and stores close by, but it also has convenient access to public transportation as well. Enjoy the finer elements of weekend and nightlife entertainment as well as quick access to the city itself in the M Streets region of Dallas.


Luxury Real Estate in Dallas

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