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Not talking about food here, we're talking flooring. The kitchen floor sees a tremendous amount of wear and tear, but if you're thinking about redoing your kitchen floor before your put your home on the market, or you're in the market for a home and you're wondering what to look for, there are several things to consider.

Kitchen with linoleum floorsThe primary factor to think about when you're talking about kitchen floors is traffic/usage. Who is in your home and what kind of wear and tear are you expecting? If you rarely cook, hardwood is a beautiful choice for a kitchen. Cork can also be a great addition, with its sound and heat insulating properties and its ability to cushion your feet while you cook. Tile is durable, timeless, and can be very cost effective. Linoleum is a

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We all know that painting a home or stepping up the landscaping can make a big change in a home's curb appeal, but what about those homes with unique interior details that look bland and boring from the outside no matter what kind of superficial changes are made? Homes borne of the tract housing eras of the late '40s, the '70s and the '90s each have their own difficulties to contend with. If your budget can be stretched a little further than average, you may want to consider making an impactful change on your new home.

Dallas HomeThe late '40s and early '50s brought the boxy houses we have come to know as ranchers. Oftentimes, these little homes can appear abrupt and homely because there is nowhere for the eye to transition from the facade to the lawn. Extending

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A character home is one that has been around for over 50 years. Heritage homes are character homes with significant historical meaning and are recognized by the presiding jurisdiction. Often, cities will contribute funding to the homeowner(s) for the upkeep of the home. The terms "heritage", "historical", and "character" are generally used in the same way by most people, regardless of whether or not the house in question has been recognized.

Character homes are popular because they're attractive and their architecture will never go out of style, but there are many other reasons to invest (or not invest) in a heritage home. Below you'll find some of the positive and negative aspects of these properties.

  • Pro: Walkability. The center of a city is
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