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Buying a home is a major decision. It requires significant resources, including time, energy, and, of course, financial investment. One of the key factors influencing this decision comes by way of mortgage rates. Mortgage rate is a percentage of interest that a bank offers a homebuyer for the loan needed to make their home purchase.

 These rates vary by state, city, county, and neighborhood. The Federal Reserve can send rates up in a hike or down in a decrease. For buying a home in Dallas, you will want to know what mortgage rates currently are in this area, how much of a down payment you might need, as well as how property taxes are calculated here.

What Is the Current Mortgage Rate in Dallas?

Mortgage rates in Dallas vary depending on the

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Comfortable life in East Dallas Texas 

East Dallas Texas is a beautiful place to live. Ideal for those who want to live a low-key life but with big city amenities available to them. They have a variety of locally owned shops and restaurants that will give you a  welcoming feel. East Dallas is a much older neighborhood with popular areas that include M street, Lakewood, White Rock Lake, Casa Linda and other fabulous areas for you to go to. 

You'll be able to enjoy beautiful landscaping with quiet streets and many excellent local bars, restaurants and great shopping destinations at your convenience. 

Shopping in East Dallas Texas 

Melissa Benge collection- this is a women's apparel boutique that has a variety of jewelry, hats, boots,

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This stunning 2-bedroom, 2-bath University Crossroads condo is in close proximity to all the top foodie spots in town. The unit boasts hardwood flooring, crown molding, remodeled, stainless steel appliances, refrigerator, fenced in private patio, separate laundry room with use of the new washer and dryer, gated access, use of two pools and spa. You can also bring two pets on a case by case basis. Unit available for move in August 1, 2018.



First built in 1935, this 2-bedroom, 1-bath home has been updated and meticulously maintained. The home boasts hardwood flooring, darling black and white tiled bathroom, kitchen with gas stove, dishwasher, central heat and air,

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Everyone keeps saying "things are heating up in Texas" - well at Dallas Luxury Realty we mean home sales, not the heat! In one day DLR had 4 home sale closings all in Highland Park totaling $4,695,000!

Highland Park is one of the country's most renowned and exclusive real estate markets. With its own independent school district, police department, fire department and government - it is a unique bubble within the Dallas city limits. The name "Highland Park" came from the slightly higher elevation compared to surrounding areas and the reserved areas, at least 20%, was to be used as parks. Highland Park, and University Park, combined have 4 elementary schools (Bradfield, Hyer, University Park & Armstrong), 1 middle school & 1 high school all which feed

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Big news in the North Texas real estate market, as awareness of a new institutional investor spreads across communities. Billionaire B. Wayne Hughes, founder of Public Storage, and the newly-founded American Homes 4 Rent, has recently purchased close to 200 homes in the Dallas market and with plans to turn all of them into rental properties.  

American Homes 4 Rent is now the largest institutional investor in North Texas covering Dallas, Collin, Tarrant and Denton counties. Aside from the monopoly being created in the metroplex, nationwide American Homes 4 Rent has purchased close to a further 10,000 homes. This makes it the second-largest accumulation of single-family homes in the history of the USA. 

Due to the aggressive collection of homes, this

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Not talking about food here, we're talking flooring. The kitchen floor sees a tremendous amount of wear and tear, but if you're thinking about redoing your kitchen floor before your put your home on the market, or you're in the market for a home and you're wondering what to look for, there are several things to consider.

Kitchen with linoleum floorsThe primary factor to think about when you're talking about kitchen floors is traffic/usage. Who is in your home and what kind of wear and tear are you expecting? If you rarely cook, hardwood is a beautiful choice for a kitchen. Cork can also be a great addition, with its sound and heat insulating properties and its ability to cushion your feet while you cook. Tile is durable, timeless, and can be very cost effective. Linoleum is a

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When you're selling your home, you'll come across articles that tell you staging is an art and a great investment and something no seller should pass on, and it's true. Sometimes. Other times, the market you're selling in doesn't really call for staging, or your home is already in pretty good shape. You've de-personalized, de-cluttered, and de-emphasized any parts of the home that may stand out because of bright paint, dated fixtures, or a multitude of other sins. So what else would a stager do that you wouldn't think of? Read on to get three tips professional stagers use to sell houses.

  1. Get out the big guns. Not literally, of course, because that might just scare away your buyers before they walk in the door! To get professional results, you need
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Tiny, small, and micro are not terms people usually use with pride to describe their homes. In the Lone Star state, especially, we're not used to complimenting people on how miniscule their dwellings are. However, the tiny house movement, as it's affectionately known, is gaining momentum in our large-and-in-charge state.

A "tiny house" is usually defined as a home that is under 900 square feet. These dwellings come in all shapes and sizes, from charming Victorian-style cottages, to rustic mini-ranchers, to sleek and modern cube homes. Popular among the DIY set, tiny homes are almost always owner-built and, thus, allow for flexibility and personalization of design.Tiny Dallas House

You may be wondering what kind of person lives in a tiny house. The answer to that

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If you're planning on building a new home somewhere in the great state of Texas, chances are pretty good you've considered the effects of weather on the building materials you plan to use. You might have even looked into the many new and innovative materials on the market designed to save on labour costs, time, and/or money. Some of them are eco-friendly, a few save on maintenance, while others are just plain beautiful to look at. If you need some help with finding the newest and best technologies for your house, or time-tested materials that are coming back into vogue, have a look at our list below. You're sure to find something to make your newly-constructed Texas home stand out!

  1. Copper roofing has recently experience a rebirth in new homes. It has
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