Benefits of Using Property Management in Dallas, TX

Posted by Motoza Analytics on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 at 10:51am.

Real estate has always been considered one of the best investments someone can make, but not everyone considers the responsibilities and stress that comes with renting out a property. Landlords have to deal with maintaining their property, dealing with tenants, filling vacancies, and much, much more.

You don’t have to be on call 24/7 for your tenants and rentals, however. With a property manager, you can trust that everything is being cared for while you get your life back.

What Is A Property Management Company Responsible For?

 A property management company handles all the stressful work of a landlord or property owner, which starts long before residents move in and goes on much longer (months, in extreme cases) after they vacate. From posting ads online to performing credit checks, fixing carbon monoxide alarms to trash and recycling problems, there are quite frequently more issues than any one individual can comfortably manage, especially if they’re trying to live life and enjoy the cash flow from the real estate investments themselves.

 A management company assigns a specific manager to your property, to handle any and all managerial aspects of rental properties. Advertising, mortgages, collecting rent, drafting leases— think of every aspect of renting a property that stresses you out. Your manager will handle all of it and more.

 Do You Need A Property Manager?

 Property managers exist to make life easier for property owners or those renting out spaces. Technically speaking, no one is required to use a management company. There are plenty of landlords that handle their own tenants, manage their own repairs and field voice complaints every Saturday at 2 am to save a little cash. And it’s understandable! Some managers will take a percentage of your profits every month, which adds up quickly. We at Dallas Luxury Realty, however, have flat rates that start at only $75 per month.  We’re here to make property management easier, not nickel and dime you.

 Property managers can also be a reliable resource for property owners, as we know the ins and outs of the city and state housing laws and building codes in Dallas, TX. We even have a team of handymen and women able to keep your tenants happy and property in good condition.

 Why Should You Use A Property Management Company?

In addition to allowing you the free time for the things you actually want to do be doing, top property managers like us can also establish a great reputation for your real estate. In other words, your properties will be the ones around town that everyone wants to move into because they have heard or read about what a great experience it is to rent there. We’re able to target highly qualified renters to ensure that every unit is leased to a vetted individual. Screening tenants goes a long way in making sure that your apartments don’t get misused, damaged, or develops a high turnover rate.

 To create and sustain a solid income from your real estate investments, you need a group like us at Dallas Luxury Realty to supply a full-service property management team. You can be certain that the job is always done right and that your residents are consistently taken care of with the highest levels of competence and quality.

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